About Yogaskulptur

Yogaskulptur’s core product is the relief representing a yoga posture. It is made in cast stoneware clay with or without glaze. The vision is to contribute to society with aesthetic quality and surplus. The human figures on the tiles doing yogapostures “asanas” can remind of Egyptian hieroglyphs and Sumeric brickreliefs.

The novelty is how Yoga is being represented in classic western aesthetic.

The yoga tiles are modelled after photographs in “Light on Yoga” written by and featuring yogamaster B.K.S. Iyengar and my personal experience of the postures. The accuracy of the asanas are emphasized in the reliefs and they are meant also to be used in supporting yoga teaching for example in schools to benefit the pupils well-being and education. It has been scientifically shown that Yoga improves health and the level of performance physically and mentally in children and adults.

Stoneware can be placed inside and outside and can therefore be used in private homes as well as in public spaces. A framed tile in the home may be seen as an image of beauty and possibilities in the human body.

The yoga tile can be enjoyed by both the practicioner and the non-practicioner. In public space the reliefs will communicate human aesthetics and awareness of balance to people who otherwise might not know of it. B.K.S. Iyengar has said that “Yoga is a gift to mankind”.

The experience is different, depending on whether the tiles are with or without glaze. Unglazed stoneware shows the detailed and accurate posture and glaze makes it more picturesque. There are two sizes; small about 15×15 cm and large 30×30 cm (in 4 parts). The quality of the tiles, the fact they are made of very strong stoneware material using an aesthetic timeless language that can also be experienced through physical touch creates a product which is able to make some balance in our digital and very changeable society. The idea and concept were formulated in 2013 “ A human figure in a yoga posture is a sculpture”.
I am very grateful that Yoga healed a ruined shoulder and taught me so much about the connection between body and mind. It therefore makes perfect sense to me as a sculptor to combine Yoga and sculpture in one concept and product.

Søren Koefoed